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Free high resolution stock photographs

Welcome to my donationware photography site. This stock image library includes royalty free photographs mainly from New Zealand. The core comes from city of Dunedin and Otago province, and the mix includes nature, native animals, flowers, landscapes, as well as street photography, architecture, people, still life, and experiments. I love that fish-eye lens! Every photo is provided with a description and a list of keywords that can be used for searching within the gallery.

All photos are available in high resolution, and are licensed under Creative Commons attribution only licence. Feel free to use them for whatever purpose you like - derivative works, commercial use, advertising, and sharing with friends - are all welcome and encouraged! In return I ask for an optional and voluntary donation (why?) or any other form of support you might want to give back - linking to my site, posting encouraging reviews, giving personal references, sharing my photos with your friends, using them for your designs, or other forms of promotion and support you can think of - just unleash your creativity!

About the photographer

Tomas Sobek is a Dunedin (New Zealand) based photographer enthusiast. This project is his way to grow and improve his digital photography and website building skills, as well as giving back to the community. As a freedom lover he uses mainly GPL-licensed/FLOSS software tools.

Where to start?

If you are unsure where to start exploring this site, have a look at video slideshows first. Your next stop could be full spheric panoramas or you can dive directly into photo albums with high resolution pictures available. All free under terms of Creative Commons licence. Enjoy!

Check your monitor setup

Hopefully you can see all 21 steps in the image shown above. If not, you might want to look at calibrating and profiling your monitor. Otherwise photos won't be displayed correctly on your screen. You can start with an introductory article or you can read more expert advice.