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NZ Topo Map CE17 With OTMC Extras

8 October 2017

New Zealand topographic maps are available under crown copyright from LINZ. If you want to download any of the maps in Garmin custom map KMZ format, you can find them at NZ Topo Map site.

At this moment Dunedin / Silver Peaks area KMZ file available for download above is version 1.01, while GeoTif version 1.02 is already available. There is also a map of Silver Peaks with a number of extra tracks available for download from OTMC website (note: PDF file 10MB).

In order to get all the extra tracks available on my Garmin GPS unit, I have created a new KMZ file using GeoTif version 1.02 with an overlay extracted from the OTMC map (also based on the same GeoTif file). You can download the final KMZ file here (note: size is 14MB).

Please let me know if you notice any issues or inaccuracies.